Looks like someone had a few too many…

I had a metal post in the ground at the corner of my driveway to help guide folks around the ditch next to the road.. looks like someone took that out, clipped the light pole, thankfully avoided hitting the house next door, then took the corner leaving a bit too sharply as well.

They were nice enough to lean the (now bent) post against the light pole, though.  It’s still functional.

IMAG0795 IMAG0796

Holiday Lights


Let it snow, let it snow…


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Final assembly

Had these ready for a while now, just forgot to post them here…




Test fitting the parts…

Getting shockingly close to the end on this armor.  Just a few more pieces to go…


LEDs are fun!


They certainly mess with cameras at times…


Chrome Makes Everything Better

Work in progress shot, but still… this:


to this:

IMAG0662.. in just one coat of paint.  Shiny…


The Curious Case of the Missing Spike

For one reason or another, I kept losing one of the armor spikes I was working on today.  There’s a total of 8 in various sizes, but I was always losing one of the smallest ones.  One time I’d forgotten it in my wet sanding tank.  Another it was behind a bottle of paint.  And one time, it had found near perfect camouflage..

Where's the spike?

Work in progress


Laying out the gauntlet to see how it’s going.  Some of the spikes are in paint right now, but should be attached shortly.  Once all the spikes are bonded to their armor plates, I can finally assemble this thing rather than just laying the parts on top of each other for looks.

This part of armoring is kind of fun – I have some parts that are in near-final paint, others that are being painted, some that are just about ready for paint, and others that are still in the very early stages of construction.


Paint paint paint…